Thanksgiving Sides

Enjoy an awesome, stress-free and gluten-free Thanksgiving!

Simple, delicous dishes...

All the sides! Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday. It’s always a big gathering of family and we hang out all day, eating and cooking together, which is really fun. Since my son was diagnosed with celiac, it’s evolved into a gluten-free feast!

My husband and I are sometimes cooking all day so that we can share some of our favorite Thanksgiving side dishes, some of which are old favorites, some are new ideas. All are proof positive that you can enjoy an awesome, stress-free and gluten-free Thanksgiving!

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thanksgiving sides
Thanksgiving Sides


For this spread we made homemade gluten-free stuffing, roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potato casserole with candied pecan crumble, and my “famous” cranberry sauce. All are simple and delicious!

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