Salad Pizza

Someone wants pizza, someone else wants salad: combine!

A simple, crowd-pleasing meal

Whenever we have a hectic week going on and there’s little time for meal prep, it’s about simple, crowd-pleasing meals. The boys wanted pizza; I wanted a salad, so I made myself a Salad Pizza.

Pizza is always a hit and this salad pizza, made with Udis Gluten Free crust is the perfect dinner on a busy day!

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salad pizza
Salad Pizza



Salad Pizza
  • Pizza crust (I used Udis Gluten-Free pizza crust)
  • fresh tomatoes
  • onion
  • cucumber,
  • romaine
  • black olives.
  1. Cook pizza crust according to instructions.
  2. Top with lettuce and other salad ingredients.


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