Rigatoni with Vegetables in Vodka Sauce

My son's favorite dish from Quatto Pazzi Cafe

Rigatoni with Vegetables in Vodka Sauce

Creamy & yummy!

Gluten-free Rigatoni with veggies in a creamy tomato vodka sauce from Quattro Pazzi Cafe, Fairfield CT.

I have a fridge full of food but I’m cooking all day for Easter so we’re taking a break and dining out. Quattro Pazzi is one of my son’s favorite local restaurants. They’ve been making him gluten-free food since before it was more popular to do so.  His favorites are the pasta fagioli soup (without the pasta) and the gluten-free pasta with vodka sauce.

If you want to make a healthy version of this at home, here is the link for my Rigatoni with Veggies in a Creamy Dairy-free Vodka Sauce.


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