Rainbow Fruit Platter + January Inspiration

Naturally Gluten-Free, there is nothing fresher or yummier than nature's candy

The easiest snack or dessert!

We are coming off of 10 days of holiday and birthday celebrations with family & friends, so heading into the New Year with a full heart, a full belly and one last holiday platter.

Growing up, there was always a “fruit & nut course” in between a holiday dinner & the dessert spread. We no longer have a separate course, much to my mother’s dismay, but there is always a big bowl of berries or a fruit platter like this alongside cakes & pies.

Naturally Gluten-Free, there’s nothing fresher or yummier than nature’s candy!

If you’re looking for IDEAS for JANUARY EATS, I created a new category under recipes called “January Inspiration”… It’s my fave picks for fresh, easy meals + some comfort foods & snacks.  Plus keep checking back because there are lots of NEW recipes coming soon!

Happy New Year!

Rainbow Fruit Platter + January Inspiration


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