One Pan Pasta Puttanesca

One of our favorite pasta dishes

Simple and delicious!

One Pan Pasta Puttanesca at the request of my crew.

There are lots of benefits to living with a food blogger, but the downside is that you may not see your favorite dishes as often as you’d like.  My husband and son both asked recently why we haven’t had this pasta in a while (um, because we’re always trying something new!), so on this cool, rainy Thursday, it’s pasta puttanesca!

In addition to being fresh, cozy and delicious, the best part of this pasta is that it is quick and easy!  And there’s only one pan to cleanup.  The pasta cooks directly in the sauce and absorbs the flavor so nicely.

Recipe from Cooking Light, the sauce is simply garlic, anchovies (don’t be freak out … they get mashed up and lend a subtle flavor… you could always use less or skip), oregano, crushed pepper, fresh tomatoes, tomato paste and chicken or vegetable stock.   You cook the spaghetti directly in the boiling sauce and then top and mix with kalamata olives, capers and fresh basil and parsley.   That’s it!  Basic ingredients, one pan, and a yummy dinner!

Scroll down to see the recipe.

One Pan Pasta Puttanesca


Recipe from Cooking Light.  We make it using Gluten-free pasta. This time we used Barilla Gluten-free Spaghetti.  We also often add in a bit more tomato paste than the recipe calls for.

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