Mexican Pumpkin Seed & Tomato Dip

Toasting to Tuesdays with this savory dip on toast!

Toast to Tuesdays!

Toasting to Tuesdays with a savory Mexican Pumpkin Seed and Roasted Tomato Dip on toast! Yep, it’s actually a hummus-like dip I made as a Thanksgiving appetizer, but we liked it so much my husband and I both spread it on toast (we like Free Bread Inc) for a hearty snack!

Made with toasted pumpkin seeds, roasted tomatoes, habanero chile and lime juice, then topped with queso fresco & cilantro, this amazing combo is the best mix of flavors – both earthy and fresh. It’s supposed to be served with corn chips, but apparently it’s quite versatile! So delicious and definitely worth trying if you’re looking for a new app!

Scroll down to see the recipe.

mexican pumpkin seed and roasted tomato dip on toast
Mexican Pumpkin Seed & Tomato Dip


This recipe comes from America’s Test Kitchen.


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