Dynamite Sushi Bowl with Wasabi Roasted Tofu

Thinking I need to make this again...

Seriously delicious & easy to make

Today has been all sorts of busy and I’ve been eating takeout most of the day…. But what I really want  it this amazing Dynamite Sushi Bowl with Wasabi Roasted Tofu. 

It’s wasabi roasted tofu, avocado, carrots, cucumber, brown rice and pickled ginger, all topped with a Siracha mayo, sesame seeds and micro greens.  And it is beyond yummy!

I haven’t made it in quite some time but I recall it’s quite easy to make as well…. I mean it’s mostly chopping the veggies and mixing a quick mayo while the tofu roasts for 15 minutes, right?

The Sushi Bowl inspiration and recipe is adapted from Pinch of Yum. The recipe for the Wasabi Roasted Tofu is from Vegetarian Times.


Scroll down to see the recipe.

Dynamite Sushi Bowl with Wasabi Roasted Tofu


Click here for the Sushi Bowl recipe from Pinch of Yum.

Click here for the Wasabi Roasted Tofu recipe from Vegetarian Times.

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