Almond-Orange Cake with Vanilla-Orange Frosting

An amazing cake topped with a tasty buttercream frosting.

An wonderful and delicious treat!

This fancy Almond Orange Cake with Vanilla Orange “Buttercream” Frosting is an amazing gluten-free cake topped with candied orange zest and sliced almonds.  I first made it for a special treat on my last birthday. It was a total crowd-pleaser and I would make for any special occasion or dinner party.

And I’m feeling particularly proud because this was the first multilayer cake I ever made! The recipe from Simply Gluten Free (see link below) wasn’t complicated, but it did take a bit more time and work than what I usually cook. But I’d been obsessed with making this cake ever since a friend brought it to a party. It was that YUMMY and so pretty!

Scroll down to see the recipe.

almond orange cake
Almond-Orange Cake with Vanilla-Orange Frosting


This recipe is from  I made it dairy-free by substituting Earth Balance in place of butter.

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