Mediterranean Veggie Pasta

After a weekend of holiday eats, nothing tops a simple bowl of pasta and veggies

Easy, quick & delish!

Made with gluten-free spaghetti (we used Barilla gluten-free this time),  cherry tomatoes, marinated artichokes, kalamata olives, fresh spinach and basil, this is super easy, super quick and super yummy!

Recipe adapted from Cooking Light, I make this dish often because it takes no more than 20 minutes, and I love that the pasta is added to the veggies and veggie broth for the last few minutes so it really absorbs all the flavors. I added artichokes and tomato paste to the original recipe.

Scroll down to see the recipe.

Mediterranean Veggie Pasta


Recipe adapted from Cooking Light, I added marinated artichokes and 3-4 tbsp of tomato paste to the recipe.


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